Goldschmidt Aniela i Tarabula Leonia

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Story of Rescue - Goldschmidt Aniela i Tarabula Leonia

In summer 1942, still before the liquidation of the Pińczów Ghetto, parents of eight-year-old Halina Fiszer told her to escape and take refuge in a house of their acquaintance Dr Aniela Goldschmidt. Before the war, Dr Goldschmidt had married a Jewish doctor – an officer of the Polish Army – who was murdered in Katyń. With the help of her family, she was raising two daughters on her own.

Dr Goldschmidt took the girl to her sister’s house who lived together with her husband and three children in Miernów near Pińczów. Despite the poor financial situation, the family Tarabuł agreed to accept a Jewish child who they had never seen before. They decided to consider her their cousin. To avoid denunciation by neighbours, Leonia (Leonka) Tarabuł christened the child. Halina grew up in love, surrounded by the best care, and because she could not go to school, she was taught to read and write at home. Halina spent three years with the family Tarabuł which, as she later recalled, prepared her for a normal life. 

After the war, the family Tarabuł decided that for the sake of her future she should come back to her environment. Halina was sent to an orphanage for Jewish children in Cracow and along with other emigrated to Israel in 1950.

In the post-war records about Franciszek Piskorek – a Polish criminal police officer in Busko-Zdrój – who was suspected of denunciating civilians to the German authorities, there are testimonies of witnesses, including Dr Aniela Goldschmidt. Dr Goldschmidt testified that she was hiding people of Jewish origin in her flat about what the suspect knew: “[...] once, when building an official case against me, as I was accused of keeping an adult person of Jewish origin at my place, about what Piskorek also knew privately, he did not transfer his private knowledge onto official papers at that time”. From this laconic notes one can conclude that Halina was not the only person rescued by Dr Goldschmidt.

Both Aniela Goldshmidt and Leonia Tarabuła were awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations.


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