Golab Jan

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Story of Rescue - Golab Jan

Before the outbreak of war, Jan Gołąb and Izydor Green were dentists in the Polish Army, serving in the same unit. In June 1942, Izydor escaped from the Cracow Ghetto and turned to Dr Gołąb’s sister, Zofia Wilczkiewicz, who lived in Cracow. Zofia took him to Gdów where Dr Gołąb lived and worked. Thanks to his “Aryan” documents, Dr Green was registered in the town hall and started to work in a dental practice of his friend which was used by locals from Gdów and Niegowice. When the Gestapo began to suspect that the doctor working in the practice of Dr Gołąb is Jewish, they ordered a medical inspection in Dobczyce. Luckily, the doctor who examined Dr Green was a friend of Dr Gołąb and officially stated that he was not circumcised, but only suffered from a venereal disease.

Dr Gołąb took care of his friend for one year and five months. In September 1943, Dr Green escaped to Hungary under assumed name and stayed there until the entry of the Red Army to Budapest in February 1945. Later he emigrated to the US. In 1984, together with his family he visited the wife and children of Dr Gołąb who died shortly after the war.

Dr Jan Gołąb also helped Professor Julian Aleksandrowicz as well as his wife and son Jerzy to escape from the Cracow Ghetto. In the dedication to the book Kartki z dziennika doktora Twardego, Professor Aleksandrowicz mentions Dr Jan Gołąb as his savior.


  • Aleksandrowicz Julian, Kartki z dziennika doktora Twardego, Kraków-Wrocław 1983
    The author was hiding in Cracow, then he joined the guerilla troops of the Home Army.