The Garbulinski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Garbulinski Family

“They came to us one night - recalls Stanisław Garbuliński, - and they asked my father for some food.”

Mr Garbuliński lived in Czermna near Jasło, with his parents Zofia and Andrzej, and his brother Władysław. Three Jewish fugitives: Sara Elfenbein, her son Maier, and daughter Chana stayed for a while, to warm up a bit, but soon started asking for shelter. Father agreed. Chana lived with the Garbulińskis while her mother and brother made themselves a hiding place in the barn. Stanisław Garbuliński’s father brought them food. During the day the fugitives remained in hiding.

“They would leave at night, but never said where they were going.”

In April 1943, when the they left their hiding place, several armed Germans arrived at Garbulińskis’ and started a search. One of them said they were looking for Jews.

“I have no idea which neighbour had called them” - said Mr Garbuliński.

They discovered the empty hideaway, and then spotted the Jews on their way back. They killed them all. Andrzej Garbuliński and his eldest son, Władysław, were arrested. Andrzej was transported to the prison in Jasło and executed. His son ended up in the prison at Montelupi Street in Kraków. He was murdered at an unknown place in summer of 1943.