The Flisiuk Family

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Story of Rescue - The Flisiuk Family

Zofia Jadwiszczok was born and brought up in Warsaw, one of the four daughters of Maria and Adam Flisiuk. In 1938 the family moved to a large house in Legionów. The father died in 1940 of a wound in his leg. His wife and daughters lived on his pension. The mother earned some money from sowing. Zofia got a job as a cashier at the railways. At the same time she attended school in Warsaw. She passed her final exams, the baccalaureate,at clandestine classes.

The Flisiuks’ house became shelter for a group of people:a four-member Jewish family with the fake name Ziółkowski, Rachel Winograd, called Krysia, an assimilated Jewish lawyer who did not survive the war, and for a while, also a Polish member of the Home Army.

The Ziółkowski family got the Flisiuks’ address from their uncle. They occupied one room. They had the so-called “good appearance”. They pretended to have been resettled from the Poznań region. They supported themselves with their own money and paid rent.

Rachel was Zofia’s friend. The girls met at the beginning of German occupation, at Piszczac near Brześć Litewski, at the wedding of Zofia’s cousin. Rachel’s whole family was murdered by the Nazis. Weak and depressed she reached Legionów. She stayed with the Flisiuks till the end of war.

Zbigniew Ziółkowski was killed in 1944, when Legionów came under gunfire. The rest of his family survived the war. They settled in Brazil. The families ceased to keep in touch.

Rachel emigrated to Israel. It is owing to her that Zofia Flisiuk and her mother Maria were awarded the medal of the Righteous Among the Nations. Zofia and Rachel keep in touch and  see each other. “We developed such a bond between us that when she thinks about me (...) I see her in my dreams or she dreams about me and we at once call each other”. 



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