The Dzielski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Dzielski Family

During the war, Amalia Bitterman, together with her little brother, parents and cousin Chana Bitterman, lived in Cracow. When the persecution of Jews started in town a ghetto was created there, the family Bitterman moved to a nearby village – Nowe Brzesko. She rented there a room from Poles. In autumn 1942, Jewish residents of the village were deported. The family Bitterman managed to escape. They started to walk towards Cracow. After many days of wandering day and night through villages and fields, exhausted parents persuaded Amalia and Chana to try to get to the Cracow Ghetto themselves.

Once in town, girls knocked on the doors of their former neighbour Eligia Dzielska and her mother Edwarda. At that time Eligia was a secret teaching student of medicine. Eligia’s aunt, Joanna Fiałkowska, kept on deposit the valuables that the family Bitterman left behind when leaving Cracow. During the family Bitterman’s stay in Nowe Brzesko, Eligia with her mother and aunt visited them, bringing food and money they received from the sale of their valuables.

After a warm welcome, Amalia and Chana bathed and changed clothes. They stayed in a little flat for three weeks, then they went to the ghetto. In March 1943, Amalia escaped from the ghetto to the family Dzielski’s flat. They accepted her although their neighbours exactly knew she was Jewish. Amalia stayed with the family also after the war. Later she emigrated to Israel. She kept in touch with Eligia for many years and she invited her to visit her in Israel.


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