The Dziedzic Family

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Story of Rescue - The Dziedzic Family

Bronisława and Wojciech Dziedzic, together with their children Stanisław, Józef and Zofia, lived in Brzostek, a dozen or so kilometres from Jasło. Bronisława's mother, Katarzyna Dachowska, also lived with them. When not looking after his small farm, Wojciech Dziedzic engaged in trade, supplying goods the the shops of Brzostek Jews.

During the Nazi occupation, the family hid their pre-War neighbour Sala Schönwetter, together with her children Zosia and Marek. After escaping, with the help of a neighbour named Piłat, from the ghetto in nearby Pustków, she sought shelter at the Dziedzic home on many occasions. She and her children were accompanied by Józef Fisch, a baker from Jasło. From Zofia Trojan, we know that they would appear unexpectedly, most often at night, and would stay with them for a dozen or so days - when remaining in the forest or hiding with the Ryb family in Gębiczyn became too dangerous. WIth the Dziedzic family, they would hide in the attic or in the stable, where food would be brought to them.

In November 1943, the Dziedzic also helped another Brzostek Jew - Adam Szus who, a month earlier, had escaped from a labour camp in nearby Przeczyca and had returned on foot to his home town. Despite his exhausted and dishevelled appearance, and having earlier witnessed the deaths of his close family, Wojciech Dziedzic recognised his pre-War acquaintance and provided him with a hiding place in his barn. Shortly after, Szus joined the partisans.

Following the efforts of Adam Szus over two years, Wojciech and Bronisława Dziedzic, as well as Zofia Trojan, were honoured with the title of "Righteous Among the Nations”. Adam Szus, despite having left for Australia following liberation, has remained in contact with Zofia Trojan to this day. Zofia, Sala Schönwetter's daughter who left for Israel after the War, has also remained in contact with her rescuer.



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