The Drozdowski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Drozdowski Family

Leon Drozdowski was an organist. He lived in Zemborzyce, near Lublin, with his wife and five children - Józef, Irena, Helena, Ludwik and Jadwiga. 

In 1941, the Drozdowski family took under their roof a little Jewish girl named Apolonia. (The issue of her surname is unclear. In an interview with Brama Grodzka, Jadwiga Maliszewska states that the girl's mother's surname was Szyper, while her father's surname was Fajraizen.) He father, a glass shop owner in Lublin, had asked Leon to look after her.

Drozdowski decided to help and took the child to Zemborzyce. At home, they called the little girl "Teresa". Shortly after they had taken her in, news reached them that her parents had perished. She was now totally under their care.

Apolonia-Teresa remained with the Drozdowski family until the end of the War. They treated her as one of their own children and lived with them until 1947 when, as part of the search for Jewish orphan children, the militia took her from Zemborzyce and placed her into a Jewish orphanage in Radom.

Teresa later left Poland and ultimately settled in the United States. For a certain time, she maintained mail contact with the Drozdowski family. After a long break, Teresa's husband advised them of the death of the woman for whom they had cared.



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