The Dabrowiecki Family

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Story of Rescue - The Dabrowiecki Family

Maria was five years old when the Second World War began. She was the daughter of Józef and Maria Dąbrowiecki, farmers from the village of Humniska in the Podkarpacie region .

The Markow family, Jews, who turned to the Dąbrowiecki family for help in 1942 knew the farmers from before the War. Both families lived in the same village – the Dąbrowiecki’s shopped in the Markow’s small store and Maria sometimes came to them on Shabbat in order to light the oven.

Józef took in all four family members: Abraham, his wife and two daughters. He created a hiding place for them in the attic and catered to the basic needs.

Dąbrowiecki was severely beaten by the Germans who, probably due to informers, arrived at his farmyard searching for hidden Jews. The Nazis even tried to extract information from Józef’s daughter threatening that, if she did not tell the truth, they would kill her father. Maria saved them, at that time, by continuing to deny the presence of Jews in their home.

During one of the inspections that followed, the Germans were inches away from discovering the Markow’s. Maria remembers her incredible fear that she experienced at that time. Finally, Józef decided that the Markow’s should find another place. Their new hiding place was in the Kędra family’s farm.

The Markow’s stayed with the Dąbrowiecki family for around two months. All four survived the War.



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