The Czezowski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Czezowski Family

Anotnina and Tadeusz Czeżowsk, with their daughter Teresa, lived in Vilna.Tadeusz was a professor at the Stefan Batory University. In the 1930's, he opposed the numerus clausus and the anti-Semitic brawls that were stirred up by the national Democrats (Endeks)

Vilna, which was occupied by the Soviet army in October 1939, ended up in the hands of the nazis in June 1941. The new occupiers immediately established a ghetto for the city's Jewish population. The majority of the Jews who had been herded into ghetto died, murdered in Ponary near Vilna. Estimates put the death toll at more than 70,0000.

Czeżowski was not indifferent to the fate of the Jews. He visited friends in the ghetto, giving them food and medicines. Later, he decided to hide in his home Abraham Fessel with his family and the Wołk family - all together, eight people. There is a lack of information about a third family who hid with the Czeżowski's a little later on.

A professor's apartment was not the most suitable place to hide eight people, and the situation demanded that it be kept a closely guarded secret from the other Lithuanian tenants .So the professor obtained counterfeit documents for his charges and gradually found them shelter with friends outside of Vilna 

The Fessel family were taken in by Iwanowski from Dzisno. In that same village, he also found a hiding-place for Rachela Gurwicz-Kapłan, Mayen, Chaim Epsztajn and his family, Tamara Wolfson. They all survived.

At his request, his assistant Zajkowska took in, and hid until the end of the War, Cywia Nabożna-Wildsztejn. In the Czeżowski's own home, Złata Koczergińska-Burginowa stayed, also, until the end of the War.


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