Czerniecki Stanislaw

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Story of Rescue - Czerniecki Stanislaw

Stanisław Czerniecki, a worker at the municipal courts, lived in Lwów, at 6 Żyżyńska Street. During the War, he was active in the underground, he was a member of the Home Army (AK) and he helped Jews.

Among those who benefited from his aid were Marian Tenenbaum and his mother. A Ms Stanisław he took from Lwów to Warsaw. He gave Marian his younger brother's baptismal certificate, thanks to which Tenenbaum obtained "Aryan" papers.

Marian Tenenbaum survived and, after the War, left Poland to settle in Canada.

Czerniecki helped other Jews to obtain false papers and to reach the border. In a testimony for Yad Vashem, Cyla Rozencweig, stated that she was one of those people for whom Stanisław obtained false papers and helped to leave Poland. She and her son fled to Rumania and, after the War, returned home.


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    The lexicon includes the stories of Poles honoured with the title of Righteous Among the Nations in the years 1963-1989. The list of entries is preceded by a preface by Icchak Arad and Chaim CheferThe Righteous of the World.