The Cygan Family

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Story of Rescue - The Cygan Family

The Righteous

Edward Cyganiewicz was born in 1929 in Dratów, and was 13 when the hiding took place.

Jews who were Rescued

In February 1942 a Jewish acquaintance Sara Reis came to his house in Abramów. She had been hiding at the Marciniaks’ family house before. The Nazis learned about this and killed all the Poles and Jews at the Marciniaks’ Only Sara and her sister Rachela managed to escape.

Edward's parents helped Sara for eight months, then two Poles informed on the Cyganiewicz family to the police. A Polish policeman offered to shoot Sara himself. However, they managed to persuade him to allow her to escape and hide elsewhere. They got false documents for her and hid her in Warsaw where she lived until the end of the war.

Rachela, Sara's sister, who was hiding near Łańcuchów also survived. After the war, the sisters lived in Lublin. At the beginning of the 50's, they emigrated to Israel, but they keep in touch with the Cyganiewicz family who visited them in Israel in 1989.

In 1978, the family received the medal “The Righteous Among the Nations.”

The relation was recorded in the framework of the project "Lights In The Darkness - The Righteous Among The Nations", courtesy of the "Ośrodek Brama Grodzka - Teatr NN" in Lublin



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