The Chrobot Family

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Story of Rescue - The Chrobot Family

He met Moses Klajnplac in the fall of 1942 near the pond where his grandfather once raised carp.  He brought him to his house and said: “Mother, this is Mr. Klajnplac’s son”.

The Klajnplac family had a shop in a neighboring village. Moses was 17 years old when the Germans took him from the ghetto to an ammunition factory in Skarżysko Kamienna.  He had escaped and was hiding out in the forests.

Stanisław’s mother decided that the boy would stay and help her on the farm. “My father was gone – Stanisław says – he went to the war and never returned.  There were three of us left: mother, myself, and a younger brother.”

Moses dug himself a foxhole.  He dug it at night. They made the entrance, a flap door which could be covered with potatoes, near the kitchen where there was a potato storeroom. It had three exits: one into the outhouse, one into the barn, and one into the pigsty by the wall. 

The Chrobot family lived next to a forest, on the edge of the village Włochy and next to Pińczów.  There were only three houses there.

“But we had to watch out for my great-uncle’s family, who wished us nothing but the worst, for the Germans, – he sums up – and for the forest ranger.” 

And the forest ranger so abused the Jews that they hung him upside down after the war. 

Moses was with them until 1945. “And suddenly – explains Stanisław – a couple of thugs came. Moses must have sensed it because earlier he said: ‘Stasiek, I’m going into the field because they are looking for me. I’ll be back in the morning’. They pulled out the door, marched into our house, only my brother and I were home, so they beat me up.”

The Chrobot family moved to Wrocław soon after that, and Moses Klajnplac sailed on a boat to East Germany and escaped to West Germany, then Italy, and finally from Italy to Israel. 


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