Cholewa Tadeusz

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Story of Rescue - Cholewa Tadeusz

Tadeusz Cholewa, with his two sisters, lived in Wielicka, at 19 Słowacki Street. In May 1941, the Germans established a ghetto in the town, into which they herded 7,000 people, many of whom had been transported there from nearby places.

In that year, some Jews appeared at Tadeusz's home seeking shelter - Sala and Ezajasz Schnur, together with Sala's brother, Janek Wasserberger. Tadeusz took them in and hid them.

In the summer of the following year, the Germans liquidated the ghetto. They murdered a number of the ghetto's inhabitants in the nearby forest, known as Kozia Góry. The rest they deported to the Bełżec and Treblinka extermination camps.

Several days earlier, in the hiding-place at Tadeusz's home, Sala gave birth to a child. His presence made the situation more precarious, so that they collectively decided that Tadeusz would take her to Kraków and leave her there in a hiding-place. The increasing threat meant that the rest of those hidden would also have to leave the Cholewa home. Tadeusz took them to Kraków and, there with the help of other people, they managed to get to Warsaw.

All three survived the War and Sała found her child.. All then left Poland.


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    The lexicon includes the stories of Poles honoured with the title of Righteous Among the Nations in the years 1963-1989. The list of entries is preceded by a preface by Icchak Arad and Chaim CheferThe Righteous of the World.