The Bulik Family

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Story of Rescue - The Bulik Family

“I got Tolek from a train conductor,” she says.

She was going from Wesoła to Warsaw to attend the dance and English classes. The conductor showed her a boy with a small parcel: “He has already traveled to Mińsk and back three times,” said the man. The boy was lovely. Nicely dressed with blond curls, resolute, smiling. He watched the parcel. She held his hand, brought him home and told her parents that he would be her son. She was seventeen.

Inside the parcel there was a note saying that the three-year-old boy’s name was Tolek Wajnsztajn. There was a plea to take care of him and also some clothes: sweaters, suspender trousers, nice things. A befriended policeman, Heniek Bukiniec, came and inspected the boy: “He is circumcised,” stated the man. The father was terrified: to risk the heads of the entire family for one child. He was a baker.

They owned a big house with a bakery on the outskirts of Wesoła. Heniek used to warn them about the upcoming raids and manhunts. In such cases they would take Tolek away to their acquaintances. After the war a military man in a jeep roamed the countryside in search of Jewish children. Somebody reported that one was at their place. The Jewish couple who had lost their own children decided to adopt Tolek.

“This is how it was,” tells Wanda, “neither father nor mother wanted to give him away, the kid was crying, the couple promised to take him to France and educate there. They have been struggling with us for a few months and finally father gave up. ‘Tolek is very clever,’ he said, ‘and we should not stand in his way for here he can become, at best, a baker. Let him go.’”

Two months later a postcard from France came, informing that they would go somewhere farther. They did not write where to. Tolek’s name and surname were changed, and Wanda could not find him. She got to know from TV that he lived in Israel. He was looking for Wanda, the TV showed his photo.

“There he came. Grey-haired, tall as a candle, I could barely reach his shoulder; he brought such a big bouquet, I thought he would strangle me in the hall. My God, what a greeting it was.”

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