Bogucki Kazimierz

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Story of Rescue - Bogucki Kazimierz

During the occupation, Kazimierz Bogucki, with his wife Halina, lived in Lublin, at 5 Strażacki Street. Before the War,  he was a power station worker in Zamość. As an officer, he took part in the September Campaign and, upon his return, he was active in the resistance.

In 1941, the Bugucki family hid a very young girl in their home. They came across her near their house. The girl had a birth certificate with her under the name of ”Regina Dziedzio”. Halina toook her in and looked after her without question. The girl remained with them until the end of the War.

In October, a former co-worker, Marek Konert from Warsaw (other sources give his name as Kohn) who lived with his family in the Warsaw ghetto, turned to Kazimierz for assistance. He asked  for help for his cousin who, under the name of ”Janina Czapliński”, was in hiding on the ”Aryan side”.

Bogucki agreed to help. He drove Czaplińską from Warsaw to Lublin and hid her in his home. After a certain time, he managed to get work for her as a secretary in the office of the Energy Commissioner, a German, Drabent,  who later recommended her for work at the power station in Zamość. There, Janina remained until the end of the War.

Kazimierz also helped Marek, himself, as well as others in the ghetto. Through the repairman Lewicki who, once a week went to Warsaw in the course of his duties, he provided food, medicine and warm clothing. He prepared a plan of escape for Konert, however Konert was indecisive about the plan. He perished, along with his child, in the Poniatow camp. His wife survived.

Regina Dziedzio and Janina Czaplińska survived the end of the occupation. Both completed their studies. Professionally, Regina became a horticulturalist and lived in Warsaw. Janina emigrated to Holland.



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