Bogdanowicz Anna

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Story of Rescue - Bogdanowicz Anna

During the Nazi occupation Anna Bogdanowicz lived at her parents’ house in Jasło. Her husband became the mayor of the city. They had 2 children: 11-year-old Antoni and 5-year-old Stanisław. When the World War II began the children’s teacher, Sara Diller, was in Jasło. In August 1942, Anna Bogdanowicz took Sara to Kielce and arranged her a shelter in a forest’s lodge. Still, Anna was exposed and arrested by Gestapo. She died in Hitler’s camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau. 

Anna Bogdanowicz came from Jasło, a city in Podkarpacie. Up to the War, she lived with her family in Kielce where her husband, Marceli, was a public prosecutor. They had two sons - 11 year old Antoni and 5 year old  Stanisław. After the outbreak of the War, they left Kielce for Jasło to stay with Anna's parents.

In Jaślo, Anna renewed her friendship with Sarą, a Jew who lived nearby and who she had known from years before. In 1939,  Sara Diller, a teacher, had come to visit her mother during the vacations and here she was when the War broke out.

When, in the spring of 1942, the Germans established a ghetto in the town, Sara and her mother were required to live there. Anna and Dr.Julian Ney, a doctor living in the ghetto, decided to save her. She had obtained for herself an identity card under the name "Maria Janina Dubiel" and Anna had arranged a hiding-place for her in a forester's lodge near Kielce. Sara was to work as a housekeeper and carer. In August 1942, just before the commencement of liquidation operations, Sara got herself out of the ghetto and, with Anna's help, managed to reach the lodge..

In November, the Gestapo arrested Ney and the Bogdanowicz family. Marceli and the children were released.. Ney died under torture in the Jasło prison, while Anna ended up in the Auschwitz concentration camp from which she never returned..

When she learned of Anna's and Julian's arrest, Sara fled to Warsaw and registered for work in Austria, where she sat out the War. Later, she left for Israel, but remained in contact with Anna's family. in 1982, an article was published under the title, "She Died Because of Me" , in the magazine "Polityka":


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