The Banasiewicz Family

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Story of Rescue - The Banasiewicz Family

Szlomo Ehrenfreund was the first to come. He fled, naked, from the pit that the Nazis used as a mass grave for Jews who had worked in Maćkowice. In the beginning, Szlomo only came to the Banasiewiczs household in the evenings. He was given supper and would leave before nightfall. He returned to his relatives in the Przemyśl ghetto twice, and twice he escaped from the ghetto, fleeing from the ‘liquidation actions’. When the final ‘action’ came, he asked the Banasiewicz family to shelter him and his brother.

How it had happened that there were fourteen people in the hiding place apart from Szlomo and Izaak, Banasiewicz does not remember. However, he does remember them all: their names, surnames, occupations and stories. He asked his family for permission to give shelter to Jews. They agreed, provided he would be the one to take care of them.

An eight bed dugout under the barn was built by Jakub Nassan, one of the Jews in hiding. Nassan was a socialist, he read Tadeusz the works of Marks. Banasiewicz used to come to talk with the Jews hiding in the barn. He recalls the diversity of their views, religious customs and discussion topics. Their sense of humor made a big impression on him.

The Jews would never leave the hiding place. They gave the Banasiewicz family their valuables so that they could buy food. They stayed in the barn until the end of the war.

A hiding place of twenty eight Jews in the nearby Tarnawce was discovered by the Nazis. They were all executed.



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