Adam Skałbania

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Story of Rescue - Adam Skałbania

During the Second World War, since 1942, Rev. Adam Skałbania was running a school in Głosków near Piaseczno. About 30 boys attended it. Although he did not have enough money to run the institution, he used to teach orphans and children from poor families who could not afford paying the tuition fees. In spite of the obvious danger, Rev. Adam decided to offer help to two Jewish boys during the Nazi occupation.

In 1943 Karol Laskowski, seeking shelter together with his mother, reached Głosków. In order to hide the identity of the boy, he was presented to the other students as an orphan transferred from another school – his mother was pretending to be his aunt.

Later, the cousin of Karol, Jan Małkiewicz, was also sheltered by Rev. Skałbania. Jan had the so-called “Aryan papers”. They enabled him and his father to be hiding in Warsaw since 1942. They were arrested a few times during round-ups, but every time they managed to buy themselves out. They had to constantly change their location. They only found a safe shelter at the school of Rev. Skałbania.

The boys had to hide their true identities, but in spite of that a part of their school friends guessed they were Jews. One of the students threatened Jan to denounce him to the Germans. The danger was very real: the children had contact with the Nazis, who often visited the school, and all the students attended Sunday Masses – on that occasion the “appearance” of the two new boys could attract the attention of many people.

In spite of all those dangers, both of them survived the war. They later moved to Łódź. As the father of Jan was killed during the occupation, Rev. Skałbania offered the boy to stay with him. Today Karol Laskowski lives in Brazil and his cousin Jan Małkiewicz – at present using the name Philipp – lives in the United States.

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