The Kluba Family

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The story of the Kluba family

Bronisława and Stanisław Kluba lived in Kamyk with their daughter Helena. In 1941, their home became a place where Jews from the area could always obtain help. The Klubas offered assistance to all those, who had not been taken to the Bochnia ghetto.

The teenage Helena brought food, medicine, correspondence and information to the hiding places in the forest.

The Klubas hid three Jews in their residence – Mosze Landwir, cattle seller from Kamyk, Irena Rajs, daughter of the butcher from Łapanów; and Franciszka, daughter of the Nieznanowice miller. Tragically, somebody denounced them and, on December 4, 1943, the German police came to the house and found the three Jews, whom they executed by shooting. Stanisław Kluba was arrested and taken to prison. Several months later, he too was shot for “abetting the Jews by providing shelter”.

Even this event did not deter Helena and her mother from continuing to help those who were in need.


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