Walaszczyk Jozef

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The story of Józef Walaszczyk

So many exceptional and perilous things are linked with this story, that it is truly a miracle that anyone can even tell it anymore. Faking an upset stomach in front of tormentors from the Gestapo, pretending to be an arrogant representative of the “chosen race” during a search by the Germans, and finally negotiating the freedom of 21 Jewish hostages for a kilogram of gold are all just the traces of Józef Walaszczyk’s life story.

The gold, which he had to bring to an apartment in the center of Warsaw, he collected together in the span of five hours. “I had many friends”– he explains. Among the hostages was his Jewish friend, Irena Front. She was arrested when she went to meet with fellow Jews who were in hiding. He must have saved Irena from certain death many times. He hid her and her Jewish friends in his Warsaw apartment until the end of the war.

Besides that, he also helped a group of almost twenty people, whom he first hired in his cousin’s factory on the outskirts of Warsaw, and later, during the „final solution,” he helped them hide them on the Aryan side.

Irena and her friends survived the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 in Jozef’s apartment, who was himself not in the city at the time, sent by the Home Army to an area outside of Warsaw. He took them out of a transfer camp in Pruszków after the Uprising. After the war, Irena stayed in Poland.

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