The Babiarz Family

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More about the story of rescue - The Babiarz Family

Before the World War II , the Babiarz family owned the only Polish mill in Izbica. The other six belonged to Jews. Zeev Lipszyc, a baker, bought flour in the Babiarz mill. Zeev’s family was deported to the camp in Bełżyc in July 1942. Only his 14-year-old son, Chanan, managed to survive. Halina Błaszczyk recalls the “action”: “It was autumn 1942, the next huge deportation, when Jews were kept in a cinema. The building still exists. Calls for help, children’s cry and moans of the dying people were heard for 3 days. We brought them water and food. Someone even took money for this. Lots of these Jews were killed at a Jewish cemetery.”  Chanan escaped from the cinema and was saved by the Babiarz family. They sheltered him in a yard, and then in a woodshed. After somebody’s denunciation, Nazis searched the farm of the Babiarz family in September 1943. Chanan managed to run away. He hid in a forest. The mother and the daughter brought him food. Today Chanan lives in Israel. Chanan’s daughter and granddaughter regularly visit Mrs. Halina. 



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