Irena Sendler

Irena Sendler is one of the best known Polish Righteous Among the Nations. She was granted this title for her honourable deeds during World War II – active in the underground and in the “Żegota” Council to Aid Jews, Irena Sendler was a mastermind behind the action to rescue Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto. Together with a group of female associates she managed to save the lives of several hundred children. To find out more, read her biography.

Irena Sendler née Krzyżanowska (1910–2008)

Biografia Ireny Sendlerowej

“I was raised to believe that the question of religion, nation, belonging to any race is of no importance – it’s a human being that matters!”, Irena Sendler wrote.

Irena Sendler née Krzyżanowska (1910–2008)

Ważny jest człowiek! Wystawa o Irenie Sendlerowej

To mark Irena Sendler’s 110th birthday, POLIN Museum, together with Google Arts & Culture, honour her life.

Irena Sendler and Maria Proner in Yad Vashem

Sieć współpracownic Ireny Sendlerowej

Irena Sendler’s activities were made possible by the co-operation of many people. Amongst her closest colleagues were her friends from the Warsaw Department of Social Welfare and Public Health.

Irena Sendler née Krzyżanowska (1910–2008)

Działalność Ireny Sendlerowej w „Żegocie”

In October 1943, Irena Sendler became head of the Children’s Department of “Żegota”. The Department looked after ninety-nine children, including those kept in convents and care facilities.

Irena Sendler with her daughter Janina

Dzieci Ireny Sendlerowej

Today, it is difficult to determine the number of children who survived thanks to the help provided by Irena Sendler and her colleagues. After the War, many of these survivors remained in close contact with her.

Israeli postage stamps with the image of Irena Sendler

Pamiątki po Irenie Sendlerowej

Irena Sendler memorabilia form part of the collection of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Among items in the collection are Order of the White Eagle, Righteous Among the Nations medal and others.

Mural with the image of Irena Sendler

Upamiętnienia Ireny Sendlerowej

Irena Sendler is honoured in many forms – streets, squares, schools as well as awards carry her name. She is depicted on murals, coins and postage stamps. There is even a variety of tulip named after her.

Irena Sendler née Krzyżanowska (1910–2008)

Źródła o Irenie Sendlerowej

Selected publication sources, books, press articles, as well as documentary and drama films concerning the life and activities of Irena Sendler.

Irena Sendler with her daughter Janina

Pakiet edukacyjny

POLIN Museum, together with the Centre for Civic Education, has developed special educational material which may be used in lessons about Irena Sendler.

76th Anniversary of the Establishment of the “Żegota” Council to Aid Jews

Rok Ireny Sendlerowej (2018)

POLIN Museum held many educational, exhibition and online activities dedicated to Irena Sendler's story.