A New Publication by the Polish Centre for Holocaust Research

Mateusz Szczepaniak, 22nd March 2018
Issue No.13 of the annual "Holocaust – Studies and Materials" and another three items from the "Library of Holocaust Testimonies" is now in bookstores. For many years, the annual has been published by the Polish Centre for Holocaust Research. The series presents diaries and reports from World War II, written in ghettoes or on "the Aryan side".

The publication states that "In recent years, we have written about the deteriorating atmosphere surrounding research into the Holocaust in Poland and the increasing manipulation of this subject. In the past year, this trend has intensified. (…) We offer our readers the thirteenth, and hopefully not the last, issue of our publication "The Holocaust – Studies and Materials". As in previous issues, this one contains several dozen texts – articles, source materials, discussions and reviews by researchers from Poland and abroad".

This issue contains articles by:

  • Dariusz Libionka and Jacek Leociak on the 75th anniversary of "Operation Reinhardt"
  • Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe on the role of the Ukrainian police in the extermination of Jews in Eastern Galicia and in Wołyń
  • Christoph Dieckmann on German occupation policy in Lithuania
  • Agnieszka Haska and Tadeusz Paweł Rutkowski on the 70th anniversary of the estblishment of the Jewish Historical Institute
  • Stephan Stach on the Jewish Historical Institute and it functioning during the Polish People's Republic
  • Judith Lyon-Caen on Michał Borwiczu, Martyna Grądzka-Rejak and the neophytes in Kraków
  • Adam Puławski on the Trust Agency in Chełm
  • Dariusz Libionka and Jan Grabowski on the collaboration of Father Stanisław Trzeciak and the occupation-period fate of Father Tadeusz Puder
  • Alina Skibińska on the integral version of the journal of Stanisław Żemiński of Łuków
  • Jan Tomasz Gross on the place of the Holocaust in Polish history
  • Andrzej Leder reviewing the book Przemoc filosemicka?
  • Nawojka Cieślińska-Lobkowicz on the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk. More»

In addition, there arer three more items in the series "Library of Holocaust Testimonies": 

We've Already Experienced So Much… Diary in a Bunker (Żółkiew 1942-1944) is the diary of Clara Kramer (Klara Schwarz), the daughter of Meir (1886-1959) and Salka (nee Reitzfeld, 1904-1959), who described her experiences during the Holocaust in Żółkiew between 1942 and 1944. This publication was prepared by Anna Wylegała, who also wrote the introduction.

Clara Kramer writes, "Indeed, we sit in this hole amongst vermin and mice and await good news, And all I want is to live. And to think of what we have suffered here, what we have gone through in this life and we still don't know if all of this will be for nothing".

Amongst Poisoned Knives  Notes from the Ghetto and Occupied Warsaw is from the journal of Stanisław Obremski (1900-1944?), co-owner of the well-known pre-War footwear company "H. Obremski i S-wie". The notes were written while he was in hiding on the "Aryan side". It is preimarily an emotional record, presenting as it does one of the most comprehensive pictures of the experiences of the Jews on the "Aryan side". The publication was prepared by Agnieszka Haska, who also wrote the introduction.

Tadeusz Obremski writes, "At times, I feel close to insanity. I'd like to go out onto the balcony of the apartment I'm in and, with all my might, shout, 'Why are you murdering us? What have our people done wrong?' And, at the same time, I'd like to confront our oppressors with an accusation which will not dissolve once spoken, that will, like a whip, chatise them to the point of repentance".

No Fabrication, No Lie… Memories from the Warsaw Ghetto are the memoirs of Stanisław Adler (1903-1946) which, for the first time, are translated into Polish. Raul Hilberg, one of the most important Holocaust researchers, counts them amongst the most penetrating and inspiring thoughts, that he has ever read, on the subject. Marta Janczewska prepared the pubication and wrote its introduction.

Stanisław Adler writes, "I'm burning with the urge to write down all of the events which I've witnessed during the War years, especially in the last six months. I'm overcome by the fear that the danger, which threatens me from everywhere, will prevent me from finishing this work".

* * *

The launch of the book will take place on 5th April. Among those to take part will be Anna Wylegała, Agnieszka Haska and Marta Janczewska. Events details will appear soon on the website of the Polish Centre for Holocaust Research. More»

Items appearing in last year's edition from the "Library of Holocaust Testimonies" included But We Still Have Wonderful Dreams - Occupation Diaries of Jews in the Mińsk Mazowiecki Area and It's Good to Have a Home Under the Ground – the Fate of Women Who Survived the Holocaust in the Dąbrowa Tarnowska Area. The creators of this series stress that "contrary to expectations, contrary to popular beliefs and despite the rules of probability, many testimonies from the Holocaust have survived. Those who, with superhuman effort, tried to write about the catastrophe they faced, usually addressed their writings to the "future reader".