Poles Murdered for Helping Jews

The number of Poles murdered by the Germans, for helping Jews during the Holocaust, has not yet been precisely determined. The 24th March, the date of the most famous crime – the murder of the Ulma Family and Jews they were hiding in the village of Markowa in the Podkarpackie Province – is observed in Poland as the National Day of Remembrance of Poles Saving Jews During German Occupation.

Read the story of the Ulma Family and another selected stories of Poles, affected by the worst of German repression – the death penalty for helping Jews. Read about Jews who died with the rescuers.

Wiktoria and Jozef Ulm, 1936

A Crime in Markowa. The Story of the Ulma Family

On 24 March 1944, probably as a result of a denunciation by a Polish “Blue” policeman, Józef and Wiktoria Ulma and Jews hiding in their home were murdered in Markowa (Podkarpackie Province) ➔

A Crime in Warsaw. The “Krysia” bunker

On 7 March 1944, Małgorzata Wolska, her son Mieczysław, daughters Halina and Wanda, grandson Janusz and about forty Jews who were hiding in the “Krysia” bunker were murdered by the Germans ➔

A Crime in Stary Ciepielów and Rekówka

On 6 December 1942, one of the largest executions carried out by the Germans for helping Jews took place in Stary Ciepielów and Rekówka (Mazowieckie Province). 34 people were murdered ➔

Katarzyna Baranek

A Crime in Siedliska. The Story of the Baranek Family

On 15 March 1943, Wincenty and Łucja Baranek, their sons Henryk and Tadeusz, as well as Wincenty’s stepmother, Katarzyna, were murdered by the Germans along with Jews in Siedliska (Małopolskie Province) ➔

A Crime in Słonim. The story of nuns and priest

On 19 December 19 1942, nuns Bogumiła Noiszewska and Kazimiera Wołowska as well as priest Adam Sztark were shot by the Germans for helping Jews in Słonim (today within the borders of Belarus) ➔

The Gawrych family

A Crime in Wólka Czarnińska. The Story of the Gawrych family

On 18 March 1943, the Germans searched the house of Jan and Aleksandra Gawrych, who were hiding Jews in Wólka Czarnińska (Mazowieckie Province). Jan was arrested and murdered a few days later ➔

Marianna and Antoni Szczepaniak

A Crime in Trębaczew. The Story of the Szczepaniak Family

On 11 December 1943, in Trębaczew, the German military police and the Polish “Blue” Police murdered the brothers of Antoni, Stanisław and Władysław Szczepaniak, Jan Domeradzki and the Jew they were hiding ➔

Antonina Miklińska née Wróbel

A Crime in Nowy Bidaczów. The Story of the Wróbel Family

On 19 December 1942, Jan and Maria Wróbel, inhabitants of the village of Nowy Bidaczów near Biłgoraj (Lubelskie Province), were brutally murdered by the Germans together with a Jewish family of three hidden by them ➔

Zofia Gargasz née Różycka (1900–?)

The Death Penalty that was not Carried Out

On 9 February 1944, Jakub and Zofia Gargasz were arrested by the Germans for hiding Jews. By the court verdict of 19 April 19 1944, they were sentenced to death, but after two months the sentence was changed ➔

Franciszek Raszeja

A Murder in the Ghetto. The Story of Dr. Franciszek Raszeja

On 21 July 21 1942, doctor Franciszek Raszeja was shot by the Germans in unclear circumstances when, using a pass, he provided medical aid to Jews in the Warsaw ghetto ➔