Archive of the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw

The archive of Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw is one of the richest resources for the research on the history of Jews in Poland.  Its Holocaust Documentation constitutes its most important part.  The Archives contain documentation regarding victims of the Holocaust. It issues certificates and considers applications for the awarding of the title Righteous Among the Nations of World. (A form is available from the Jewish Historical Institute.)

With the Archives are:

A collection of personal documents concerning the awarding of the title Righteous Among the Nations of World.  Detailed accounts contain documents, grouped into personal files, concerned with individual stories of rescue.  They are in two archival collections - 349 and 301.

A collection of stories of Holocaust Survivors (around 7,200 records; digitised stories 1-4000 appear in a book form [volumes I-IV]. There is also electronic personal and geographic index)

A collection of 320 diaries from Holocaust Survivors.

Documents of the Central Committee of Jews in Poland (1944-1950); among others, documents from the Department of Registration and Statistics e.g. registration cards of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, the Emigration Department (1945-1951); the Education Department containing. cards of Jewish children registered after the War by their parents, foster-parents or wartime careers.