The Dobosiewicz Family

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Story of Rescue - The Dobosiewicz Family

Rudolf Dobosiewicz was a shoemaker. Together with his wife, Stanisława, he lived in Skole, in the former Stanisławów Province. Data obtained from the inter-War census indicated that Jews comprised around 40% of the town's population.

The German army occupied Skole in the summer of 1941. In September 1942, the Nazis deported the local Jews to the Bełżec extermination camp, leaving a few in the local slave labour camps. By August 1943, they had all been liquidated.

A number of Skole Jews fled the town and hid with some joining divisions of the partisans. The Dobosiewicz family helped escapees, especially those whom they knew, providing them with food and helping them to make contact with the partisans. For a certain time, they hid Chaim Kirszenbaum in their home, who, after the War, wrote:

"Rudolf Dobosiewicz, during the time of the occupation (...) disregarding his own safety, supported and helped Jewish people. In particular, after avoiding (…) execution and escaping from the hands of the Gestapo,  (…) he gave me shelter and hid me throughout 1943. After my return to the partisans (...) Dobosiewicz maintained contact with our division and helped us to obtain supplies.” (Source: "The Book of the Righteous", ed.Michał Grynberg, Warsaw 1993).

Fifteen people benefited from Rudolf's help. The fate of the majority of these people is unknown. However, Rotenberg and his wife (USA), the Grundberg brothers and their wives (Israel) - all survived and emigrated from Poland. Chaim Kirszenbaum settled in Chust, a town which now belongs to the Ukraine. 


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