Authorities about the Righteous

We invite you to read articles dedicated to the Righteous Among the Nations, written by such authorities as Władysław Bartoszewski, Prof. Jacek Leociak, Prof. Jan Grabowski, Konstanty Gebert and Rabbi Michael Schudrich.

Twarze Sprawiedliwych - prof. Jacek Leociak

The public debate on Polish-Jewish relations during the war, including the rescuing of Jews by Poles, has often been red hot, but just as often it has suffered the unfortunate tendency of rising above...

Co jesteśmy winni Sprawiedliwym? - prof. Feliks Tych

We will never know the exact number of ethnic Poles who took part in saving their Jewish fellow-citizens from the death at the hands of the German invader during WWII.

Wspomnienie straty - prof. Jerzy Szacki

I store with pride the Yad Vashem Medal, on which my name and surname were inscribed alongside the name and surname of my mother. However, I have doubts whether I am fully entitled to such pride.

Sprawiedliwi są wśród nas... - prof. Adam Daniel Rotfeld

Sartre once wrote that hell is other people. He was probably right. However, this popular post-war intellectual, philosopher, existentialist, should also have added: paradise and happiness on earth are also other people.

Ratowali nie tylko życie - Michael Schudrich

How to write about the Righteous Among the Nations? Words fail. Words are inadequate to describe or convey the goodness that they exude.

Zepchnięci poza margines - prof. Jan Grabowski

From the very beginning of the occupation of Poland, the Germans introduced a series of regulations and decrees aimed at achieving a drastic marginalization of the Jewish population.

Pamięć o Sprawiedliwych - Konstanty Gebert

The Righteous will ourish like a palm tree, they  will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; planted in the house of the Lord, they will ourish  in the courts of our God. They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay...

Czego Sprawiedliwi uczą - prof. Władysław Bartoszewski

During World War II the attitude of Nazi Germany towards the Polish people was indisputably negative; however we must recognize a specific difference: whereas every Pole was under threat of death, every Jew was condem...

Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej - śp. Lech Kaczyński

The 20th century was full of so many moments of suffering – for ordinary people as well as entire nations – that it has been considered one of the most tragic centuries in history.

Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej - Bronisław Komorowski

The Holocaust was the most horrible atrocity ever committed by man. Never before had people been murdered on such a scale only because they belonged to a nation.