Jan Karski

Jan Karski (1914–2000) was a legendary political emissary of the Polish Underground State and the Polish Government-in-Exile during World War II. He completed three successful missions between occupied Poland and the seat of the Polish government in France and Great Britain, passing on messages and documents. In 1942, as an eyewitness to the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto, he also informed the Polish authorities and Allied politicians about the extermination of Jews. After the War, he was honoured with the title of Righteous Among the Nation and with the Order of the White Eagle. He was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the passing of Jan Karski (1914–2000), we present his story in the light of new academic research. Learn about Karski’s life, read about his activities aimed at informing the world about the extermination of the Jews, see how Karski is honoured in Poland and around the world, and view a guided walk through the Core Exhibition of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which contains an important artefact connected to Karski.